Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hate having to delete the first entry I got a comment on, but I'm entering the poem in a contest and it's a requirement not to have it published, even electronically :(.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Cza said...
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Cza said...

Hey there. Seems like the unstoppable Andya has decided to make a winning move again. :) Based on what I have read from you I believe you truly deserve the honor of winning this contest, though I have never read this poem yet. :D More power, and may most, if not all, of your life's greatest dreams come true. ;) Btw, Kit from Litnet, in case you get confused by the name. :) I hope you still remember me? Oh, and feel free to visit my blog, which may be found at the following address:

See you there, and hopefully we'll be able to connect to each other again. :D

the thing that should not be said...

i have a question: what was it like being home schooled???

i mean, did you enjoy it, or would you rather have gone to a proper school??? i think it would be kinda lonely, but i need to be around lots of people, so thats just me.

Mary Sue said...

awww, you guys! Thanks!!

Cza, of course I remember you. You're unforgettable :p. Thanks for your encouraging words (if I don't win, I'll be able to post it again before too long :D) and I'll definitely be visiting your blog! (custom anarchy? really? :p)

thing that should not be, I'll send you an email :).