Friday, December 3, 2010


It has been a terribly long time, but honestly I have no time to blog with all the school papers :). I'm loving college, even when I have to snatch time away to write poetry that bubble up out of nowhere. Here are some of the pieces I've written - I'd love your feedback!!

"Old Devil Rain"
Step outside and blow a raspberry
under my umbrella.
Trudge all the way to Founders'
and shake myself like a dog because
my umbrella's too cheap.
Sit in class, miffed at needing artificial light at 12:20 PM.
Class over. Outside, and sigh again.
Huff another sigh, and close my umbrella.
"Look here, you!" Fist shaking at the sky.
"You're dismal and depressing and make me miserable.
You got the better of me this time and you will again
not for long because
God is coming soon and all depressing things shall be banished--
Although I wouldn't mind a kind, gentlemanly rain just for those who like it, poor things.
Take that,
Old Devin Rain!

On Watching the Snow
What does it mean to watch the snow
Slowly falling, slowly go
Across the window, throughout the day
Over the hills and far away?
What does it mean to watch a man
Forging ahead through peltering snow
On the through the valley, on through the way
Thinking of home all through the day?
What does it mean when home he has come
Home from his working, home to the sum;
Life is not wanting in measure or span
But isn’t complete without God the I AM.

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